Tarragona is a city and municipality of Spain, capital of the province of Tarragona and the region of Tarragonés. During the Roman Empire it was one of the main cities of Hispania and capital of the Roman province Hispania Citerior or Hispania Tarraconensis.

The municipality has a population of 131 507 inhabitants (INE standard as of January 1, 2017). Its location on the shore of the Mediterranean on the Costa Dorada, with warm water beaches, as well as its recreational centers and historical tradition and artistic heritage, make it a center of tourist attraction of the first order. Its origin dates back to the ancient Roman Tarraco, capital of the Hispania Citerior Tarraconensis. The “Archaeological Ensemble of Tarraco” has made Tarragona considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. In the summer of 2018 the Mediterranean Games were played in this city.